Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.
— Jochen Zeitz


Focusing On What Matters Most

With the advent of Web3 the world is on the precipice of a new digital and economic evolution. Hence it is incumbent on us not to repeat the mistakes of the past and built towards a better future.

The JobCrypt Blockchain Sustainability Week is a 5 day series of events aimed at sharing the latest innovations in Sustainaiblity driven by Web3 and Blockchain technology. The goal is to educate community removing much of the disinformation and miss information that has grown and circulated about decentralized technologies.

The event will seek to highlight the new and emerging job opportunities that are happening at the intersect of Web3 and Sustainability enabling individuals to proactively seek out organisations changing how we save our planet. The fight for the planet cannot be won alone, it requires a diversity of thought, culture and practice to overcome entrenched interests and power structures that drive our world today, to open up new more considered frontiers that leave a positive legacy for our tomorrow.



What we will share

The JobCrypt Blockchain Sustainability Week will focus on a variety of themes in Sustainability with Web3 i having an impact. The focus will be to share new skills and pathways by which individuals can engage and grow furthering positive outcomes ins sustainaility through the use of Web3 tecchnology.


Reducing waste, is a key area where blockchain and Web3 are having an impact, from second hand clothing to industrial machinery we will share what companies are doing and how jobs are changing as better information is provided to processes through blockchain technology


The catalogue and preservation of bio diversity is a big area where web3 technologies are having a massive impact. From the use of NFTs as digital twins you will learn how blockchain provides the provenance necessary to ensure conservation projects not only acquire funding but achieve longterm sustainable outcomes saving the planet.


Regenerative Finance or ReFi is a relatively new area, that has grown with the advent on Web3 technologies. We will share how a variety of organisations are combining sustainability and resilience along with monetary gains to achieve better outcomes for the planet.


With impact investing we will share how various organisations are leveraging investment strategies that generate financial returns whilst achieving positive social and/or environmental outcomes.


Carbon markets is an area that is being greatly and aggressively transformed by blockchain and Web3 technologies


The Logistics

As a Geo local focused event the JobCrypt Blockchain Sustainability week will take place at various locations through 2024. We will present multiple features from workshops to seminars



Fireside Chats

Ask Me Anything

Web3 Interactive





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